Frankenbook’s annotations are organized by themes, to help you customize your reading experience. Each annotation in the text is color-coded with one or more themes.

You’ll find all of the annotations collected at the bottom of each volume, in the “Discussions” section. Use the “Themes” button to select one or more themes and see only the annotations that match your interests.   

Frankenbook’s themes are:

  • Equity & Inclusion: Prejudice, social exclusion, and struggles for justice in the novel, in the Romantic Era, and today.
  • Health & Medicine: Digging into Frankenstein’s preoccupation with health, disease, and the body.
  • Influences & Adaptations: The stories that influenced Shelley, and how Frankenstein has echoed throughout culture over the past 200 years.
  • Mary Shelley: The woman at the heart of it all: Mary Shelley’s adventures, relationships, and writing.
  • Motivations & Sentiments: The emotions, values, ideals, and obsessions that drive human ingenuity.
  • Philosophy & Politics: The big ideas and political debates that animate Frankenstein and help us understand it today.
  • Science: Natural science yesterday and today, from ancients and alchemists to Humphry Davy to Marie Curie.
  • Technology: Historical and emerging Frankensteinian technologies, from steam engines to AI.